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Lycket November 10, 2009 15:22

Uncovered Faces
Hello everybody,

I'm drawing a mesh of a geometry made up of a fluid (air) and a solid, and what I want to mesh is the fluid but when I do a 2D mesh check I get an "Uncovered Faces" error. A tutorial suggests manually joining any conflicting nodes, but I have more than 3000....what should I do? The plan is to export this mesh from ICEM CFD to Fluent with a BC which if I let the program do a "fix" it considers it to be a solid shape with an interior mesh.

how can i fix it by keeping the boundeary conditions in every edge?


PSYMN November 11, 2009 23:25

The uncovered faces error shouldn't happen with a 2D mesh. The equivalent should be "missing internal edges". Where are you doing your mesh check?

Basically, Uncovered faces means that you have volume elements with an exposed side. It should be covered by a shell or another volume element. Missing internal edges means that you have a 2D elements with an exposed side. It should be covered by a line element or another 2D element.

When you get either error (Uncovered faces or missing internal edges), you should push the [Fix] button. This will prompt you to select or type in a new part name. It will create shell elements (or line elements) to cover the "uncovered" faces (or edges) and put the new elements in the part name you selected. You will then have a valid boundary to take to Fluent and use as a wall or internal wall or whatever.


Lycket November 13, 2009 10:49

Uncovered faces

I think i solved the problem, I had forgotten to associate the edge to the curve...

Thank you

PSYMN November 13, 2009 12:12

Oh yea...
Oh, you were using hexa... :D

That is a common problem for fluent users who don't realize that Hexa only creates those boundary line elements if you associate with a curve. Usually, they complain about a null pointer error.

Glad you figured it out.

hadikhayyamian July 17, 2012 20:17

I would like to delete the post! but I cant.

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