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thecfduser November 11, 2009 08:47

errors from meshing
Hello everybody,
i am a user of Fluent and Gambit.
I would like to know what types of errors are due to the meshing

1-why is it always advised to keep the size ratio of 2 consecutive cells around 1.2 ???
2- why a highly skewed cell will affect the simulation???

I dont understand those 2 points, since as the finite volume method is conservative, i dont see how the grid quality would affect results (a coarser grid will induce a higher truncation error, but why about cells shape?)


bob12 November 12, 2009 16:07

I hope to clarify the second point: the importance of the shape of the mesh quality is that trasmit an information through it.
for example if the face of a cube transmit this information to another one is perfect, but if it sends it to a curve then it creates a spazial dispersion of information.

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