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davisi November 12, 2009 08:44

Placing Specific Mesh Nodes in a Volume Mesh
Hi all,

I'm using Gambit as part of my MSc program. I'm new to this specific package, and although I'm using it only for a small part of my research overall, I've run into some problems!

Basically I'm modelling a 3-D acoustics problem in a simple cylindrical duct. I'm using Gambit to simply create the volume geometry, create a volume mesh and export the .neu file for analysis in Matlab.

The problem I'm having is that I want to place a few specific mesh nodes corresponding to the monopole source locations I'll be modelling later on. However I cannot simply create a seperate face mesh as the Matlab code I am using to convert the .neu mesh to a .mat file can only handle TET/HYBRID volume meshes and two specific element-side type boundary conditions: 'wall' for the duct walls and 'radiate' for the duct ends. I am finding that adding in a face mesh adds a third boundary condition on exportation of the mesh and this causes problems further down the line!

Any ideas?

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