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donarundas November 19, 2009 23:14

Dynamic Meshing of a combustion chamber
I am doing a project on combustion characteristics of various fuels. For that I need to model a combustion chamber. I have realised now that I have to use the dynamic meshing feature of fluent. But I have got no idea about 'dynamic meshing'. :confused::confused:

How do I model,mesh the chamber first in Gambit before importing it in fluent and using the dynamic meshing feature?

Do I have to model the entire chamber or a part of it for dynamic meshing?

Plz help.

Thank you very Much..

Confos December 2, 2009 07:13

Wind turbine Gambit model
Hi, whoever has the wind turbine model in gambit could plz share it with me? My IP project is aerodynamic modelling of wind turbine and though I have completed an airfoil and 2D analysis in Gambit and Fluent.Im having a hard time with the 3d 3-blade wind turbine rotor model.Thanks in advance

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