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gajemon November 26, 2009 08:03

blocking strategy for ellipse geometry
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What is the blocking strategy for ellipse-tube geometry?
Is it really to receive structural mesh with BL for this geometry?

Thanks in advance

zeitistgeld November 27, 2009 05:42

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Is that want you want?

gajemon November 27, 2009 06:21


Originally Posted by zeitistgeld (Post 237910)
Is that want you want?

yes, thanks. please explain me how do you get this block/blocks

zeitistgeld November 27, 2009 13:31

First, add the top bottom and side surface to different parts, split the side surfce by four isocurves in v direction, then split the four side surfaces using repair geometry tool "split folded surface" with max angle 90 degrees and you will get a lot side surfaces that could be mapped.
second, before blocking, bulid topology first and use surface blocking to block all the surfaces. but for the top and bottom surface blocks you should do some split faces and edges to make the blocks mappable. Now you edit all the blocks to convert them to mapped 2d blocks.
final step, 2d blocks to 3d blocks transformation, using advanced fill, not simple fill(attention!), with oblock around all the side surface blocks, you will get it done!
Most important is you should do a lot on geometry in the first step before you can make mapped blocks on the surfaces especially the side four edge surfaces.
Hope this can help you, be blessed!

PSYMN November 28, 2009 00:39

Iso Curve...
Great post zeitistgeld,

One extra bit about the geometry prep... If you go into the geometry tools and create iso curves that will follow the twist of the spiral, it becomes easier to associate the edges.

It is usually easy because the surfaces follow the twist and you can just make an iso-curve along the middle of the surface or the 25% line or whatever...

I also do that with fillets, etc. Any where that I want an edge to follow a compound curve along the middle of a surface. You may also have good tools to do that in your CAD package.

gajemon November 30, 2009 06:03

Thanks a lot, zeitistgeld and Simon!

to zeitistgeld:
Can you give
a detailed account of "split the side surfce by four isocurves in v direction"
Which of Isocurves methods should I use?

maalan April 21, 2014 16:19

Hi, Simon!! I have seen your tutorial about meshing a 2D airfoil on youtube because I need to mesh a 2% ellipse... Due to its big aspect ratio I though of doing a conformal mapping in order to get a high quality structured mesh. Do you know how to manage it with ICEM?? Is it possible?

Thanks in advance, and nice job with the tutorial!! I have learned so much!


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