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srosendal December 3, 2009 17:44

3D volume meshing of pipe
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I want to make a volume mesh in WB12 and I am having trouble making the it fit the whole pipe. After dividing it into half, I made a fill, which can be seen on the picture and it works ok but because this igs file is not only round, I need a better tool. Right now I am trying to make an enclosure using the user defined body but just can't get it right.

Can someone help ? thx

PSYMN April 21, 2010 16:41

Shouldn't be a problem...
You should use the option that just expects you to select the curves at the pipes openings and then does the rest its self... It works for any shape piping assembly... If this is still a problem, let us know and we can get you going again (I know it was an old post and you may have figured it out)

srosendal April 23, 2010 10:26

I figured it out eventually

Thanks a lot though

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