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tgrt18 December 4, 2009 12:02

How can i get a best mesh quality
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Hello all.
I need some help about my naca0012 airfoil meshing
you can see the grid quality is very poor [picture below]
how to make it orthogonal especially near the walls?


zeitistgeld December 5, 2009 00:34

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For 2D mesh, I often use Gridgen due to it's PDE smoothing function, ICEM seems to have something like that but actually not so efficient. But you can use edge link and node spacing etc. to chang the distribution of the node on the outer edges. That might help!Below is the airfoi mesh generated in Gridgen.

PSYMN December 11, 2009 15:55

There is also edge splitting to create a split on the outside of the boundary layer and align the distribution to get a more orthogonal result.

There is an orthogonal smoother in ICEM CFD that should take care of this for you.

When I finally find time to make a little movie for blocking the 2D airfoil, I will end it with steps to make them mesh orthogonal.

In my opinion, if you are not already in Gambit, heading that direction now is a bit too late.

fulkrum December 11, 2009 16:44

Such a controbution would be great!!
I found, for 2D gridding of airfoil, gridgen to be more immediate.
With ICEM I did some tutorial, I tried with different topologies, but wasn't yet able to find a satisfying solution.
If, before of the video which can take a long to be elaborated, you can quickly post the block strategy, it will be very helpfull as a starting point.

PSYMN June 7, 2010 15:48

2D airfoil...
Have you seen the 2D airfoil demo posted at ""


Alhasan December 31, 2014 00:02

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Hey Simon,

I am having a similar problem of the mesh not being orthogonal at the wall for just a simple NACA 0012 case and I am new to ICEM. I have followed your youtube tutorial, and when I fix the first cell height and apply orthogonal smoothening a lot cells close to the walls are getting mutated and looking not so good. What is the best way to get cells to orthogonal close to the wall. I have also used edge splitting to get boundary layer region around the airfoil for refinement.

Hasan K.J

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