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dhxlxz December 6, 2009 23:10

O grid creation failed
Hi all,
i have tried to generate O grid around blocks, but failed. ICEM said that, the non-manifold boundary at node 818. How to resolve this problem ?

PSYMN December 10, 2009 18:28

Ogrid is very Robust.
It means you were trying to create something invalid. Perhaps that vertex is at a strange junction of blocks that doesn't allow for an ogrid direction to be determined... Or perhaps your selection of faces was not correct and created an impossible scenario.

The OGRID tool is very robust and it only fails if an ogrid is not conceivable with your given starting point and options.

I can't say much more about this without seeing what is going on at node 818. If that looks fine, I would check your selected faces.

dhxlxz December 10, 2009 22:05

i have tried to generated another block, and an o grid is generated. It is consistent with what you said. The faces or blocks are somewhat not conceivable. Thank you again for your discussion.

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