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emarnchi December 7, 2009 05:59

Some basic help PLEASE
Hi, I'm starting with ANSYS Workbench and it's great, I managed to do some nice CFX analysis on some simple geometry. I love it.

There are, however, a few things that I don't understand. Please help me out.

1) If I create a sketch, e.g. a line, how do I CHANGE the attributes afterwards? Everything is gray. All I can change is the "extrude" and so on (I can also use parameters on these, which is the way to go). The solution for now is to edit a .js script that makes all the drawings from scratch in a given plane at once. Again, that can't be the way, there should be a possibility to edit the property of a line and regenerate what follows, right? Otherwise how can you do a 100% parametrized drawing?

2) I see that you can generate a script for the current plane. How can you generate a script for the ENTIRE workflow? that would be very useful for a parametric study of the project, since I would have full programmatic control over everything

Thanks a lot, I hope to see some good answers saying that all the points I have raised have a very simple solution :rolleyes:



PSYMN December 8, 2009 12:50

Basic Help
1)If you click on the “sketch” in the model tree, and then use the sketch tab (on the right above the details panel) you will be able to edit it, add to it, etc. Then when you generate, all the other steps (extrude, etc) will simply be applied to the modified sketch.
2)Project level scripting is available in 12.1 and applies to the entire project. It is done in Python. Within the meshing application, you can select a number of parameters from any sketch or operation and manage those at the workbench level from the parameter bar. DX (DesignXplorer) is a very affordable workbench tool that hooks up to the parameter manager and can perform a DOE and run the series of designs for you. It generates response surfaces, tradeoff plots and other helpful graphics to help you understand how your parameters affect your design.

emarnchi December 8, 2009 12:52

thanks a lot!

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