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jsm December 10, 2009 07:24

Blocking with periodicity
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I tried to block the simple geometry with periodicity. I defined periodicity for outer four vertices (shown in third figure). I don't know where I made mistake:confused:. I could not mesh with periodicity. could anybody give me suggestions?

PSYMN December 11, 2009 15:29

Periodic faces...
From your third image, I can see that you have not made the faces periodic (by selecting all the verts)... To make the faces periodic, you need to make all 4 pairs of verts attached to that face periodic. You can check this by turning on the faces with the periodic function, then you will see red rectangles to mark the periodic faces.

To make the axis periodic, you will need to click those verts twice to mark them as the periodic pair of themselves.

Once you have all the 4 verticies of a face periodic, the face will be periodic and all future splits across that face will already be periodic.

jsm December 13, 2009 23:45

Hi Simon,

Thanks for your help. I will follow your suggestions and come back to you if I face any difficulty.

Once again thanks:)

jsm December 14, 2009 02:46

Hi Simon,

Thanks for help. I could able to block this geometry:D

Once again thanks a lot.....

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