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holyo December 21, 2009 07:08

How change the view of the piece?
Hello, I want to do a mesh, when i have to select the surfaces i canīt see all, for that reason I press "view" in the menu and I change it (top,bottom, isometric...), Could I move the piece differently??

I canīt press and move the mouse because Iīm using it for selecting the surfaces.

Thank you everybody and sorry for my english.

gajemon December 22, 2009 05:45

Use F9 button
There are two modes during building mesh:

1. Dinamics mode (for moving and rotating geometry)
2. Selection mode (for selecting geometry)

they are switch with F9 button

PSYMN December 24, 2009 00:00

A different perspective...
Gajemon is right in that you can select a bunch of entities, in Selection mode, hit F9 (Or hold down CTRL if you are a Pro/E guy) to switch to Dynamic mode and rotate the model, then hit F9 again (Or release CTRL) and continue selecting with Select mode.

However, you can also use hotkeys like "Shift X" or "Shift R" or Shift "I", look under the help (search for hotkeys).

You can also click on the Triad in the bottom right corner to adjust the display.

I never use the options under the view menu...

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