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sebastian December 23, 2009 06:57

Periodic Boundaries for Hexa/Tetra mesh
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Dear all!

For my problem, I have meshed only a 45 degrees slice out of my 360 degree model.
Now I want to define my boundaries as periodic.

So far I have meshed it partly with hexas and two small other parts with tetras. As meshing tool I use ICEM 11.0, for my later calculations I will use Fluent V6.x or V12.0.

Can anybody tell me how can I now define both boundary surfaces as periodic? Do both 45 degree-sides have to have the exactly same mesh? Because that is not the case here. How can I realize that?

Furthermore, I already tried to load the mesh into Fluent. But Fluent cuts out my two tetra meshes (as can be seen in the pictures) and defines new surfaces. (In ICEM I named them Periodic_1, Fluent then produces Periodic_1, Periodic_1:001 and Periodic_1:002). Is this a problem? Of course it is the same for the 45 degree surface, Periodic_2.

I tried to explain my prob as good as possible. Please dont hesitate to ask for more details. It would be great, if anybody can help me.
Thanks in advance!! :)


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