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ali987 December 24, 2009 04:10

Export Pyramid mesh
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I generate a hybrid mesh(tet,hex,pyr)in Ansys ICEM, but when I export mesh the node information of pyramid elements doesn't export...

a simple example of what I done is attached. please help me to find out the problem. I wrote my program and I just waiting for mesh to validate my program.

I export mesh from "export mesh" menu in the "File". I test almost all mesh file format(Abaqus, Ansys, Nastran, ...), but still I have problem.


ali987 December 26, 2009 04:37

As PSYMN said it is easy. when I open the exported file all elements had 8 nodes so I though there isn't any information about Pyramid and even tet elements. but when I look at the table carefully I found that in some rows there are some repetitive number. in other word in some rows there are just 8 unique numbers(Hexahedral), in some others just 5 unique numbers(Pyramid) and in the other rows 4 unique numbers(Tetrahedral).

PSYMN December 28, 2009 00:49

Right... Good job solving it yourself.

For anyone else reading this, I should also note that MSC nastran doesn't support Pyramids at all (NX Nastran does). ANSYS format uses the collapsed hex format as you described, other formats may actually have separate formulation for pyramids that would only list 5 nodes.

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