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ali987 December 24, 2009 19:15

Export mesh to Gridgen
Hi everyone,

I have grid in Ansys ICEM and I want to export it into Pointwise Gridgen and there is not such option in ICEM mesh export part(as I know...). How can I do that?


Abou ali December 26, 2009 04:22

You can export your mesh from ICEM to CGNS and then import the CGNS file in Pointwise Gridgen if it is permitted by this one, else try to find other file format common to these two softs.

jchawner January 2, 2010 13:20


As Abou suggested, CGNS is always the first suggestion when moving data between two CFD codes. Since Gridgen's CGNS import is limited, I suggest exporting a CGNS file from ICEM and importing it into Pointwise.

You don't say whether your grid is structured, unstructured or hybrid but depending on the type any of several neutral formats might work. For example, structured grids could be shared using PLOT3D and unstructured grids may be shared using FieldView unstructured (although I'm not certain that ICEM can read it).

Hope this helps.

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