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Partition December 30, 2009 09:46

Problem with Partitioners (METIS)

First of all, two things: I don't speak english very well, so I'll try to explain myself in the best way. And second, I'm sorry if this post isn't in the correct place.

My problem: I'm working with two partitioners. One of them is METIS. I'm working with an application which works with Galerking meshes and finite element method.

I want to change METIS by the other partitioner. I'm trying to write in a file the Metis adyacency list and reading this file with the other, but this one tells me that there are not sufficient elements read from the file. Although the vertex are ok the edges are insufficient. I dont know what METIS function should I apply to the mesh in order to read the adyacency list with the other partitioner. This one reads graphs in CHACO (crs) format.

I have tried with metis_meshtonodal and metis_meshtodual but I don't know so the difference between them and what results they provide


PSYMN January 1, 2010 14:53

Yup, not in the right place...:( Sorry I can't help with METIS here, maybe someone can, but I would suggest you try another forum.

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