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sbajpai January 2, 2010 10:56

CFD Simulation of a Flu Virus Spread in a FLight Cabin
Hello everyone, I am fairly new to this site and Ansys.

After looking around the web for a while i have realized that this is by far the best site for cfd users. Congrats to Admins Mods and ofcourse Users without whom this would be not around.

I have a few questions regarding a project that i am working on.

1) Trying to build a flight cabin with 3 seats in each row of 3 rows.
(right now i am building it in Catia V5R19, as i dont know how to do it in Gambit) (Please give me in ur input in which one i should build my model in Catia or Gambit?)

2) The cabin does not have requirements for material however it will be a floor with 4 sorrounding walls and the ceiling will be slightly curved like a Flight Cabin. The ceiling will have three holes on top of each row of chairs (i.e. inlet of air-conditioner) Thus total of 9 inlets for total of 9 chairs.

After i make the mesh, i need to use fluent to solve for flow.

I have roughly 20 days to make the model and mesh in gambit do you think that is enough time to do that as i am not exactly familiar with this at all.

3) If i make the assembely in Catia, what should i look out for so that i have to encounter minimum problems in importing the model to gambit to mesh.

Appreciate everyone's help, Please do respond as this is a group a project but sadly i have to work on it myself as my groupmates are kind of useless.

I have given myself a GOAL to Finish Model and MESH by 22nd of January 2010.

PSYMN January 4, 2010 11:02

While Gambit is still available, ANSYS DM and ANSYS Meshing is replacing Gambit as the primary geometry/meshing tools offered by ANSYS... There is a movie on line showing how to handle this sort of geometry.

If you don't already know know Gambit, perhaps you should look into ANSYS Meshing instead.

As for Catia vs Gambit, my opinion would be to use what you know. If you are more comfortable in CatiaV5, go with that. If you were equally comfortable, then you could decide for yourself and may still choose CatiaV5 because it has more advanced geometry creation tools. Some users would combine tools. Their designer may do all his work on the mechanical assembly in CatiaV5 and then the CFD analyst may extract his flow volume in Gambit (or Design Modeler), but I am guessing you are building the flow volume directly...

20 days should be more than enough, but it all depends on your skill set... Experienced users could do it in less than a day.

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