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holyo January 5, 2010 15:47

Import geometry from solidworks
Hello everybody, I have to import a solid piece from Solidworks to Icem cfd, There is any way to import directly?

I know that I have to convert the piece to igs or step, What is the best format? igs or step?

When I choose step, in ICEM CFD---> Import Geometry--->IGS/STEP I look for the file.

Before, this window appears: Import Geometry From Step or Iges

Tetin file: the fileīs name

Use Version 5.1 Step Translator: Should I select it??

Create part name from STEP/IGES file: I canīt select this option

Merge geometry files after conversion: I canīt select this option

Ignore units:

Use healing:

I donīt select any option and click apply, the geometry appears without mistakes (I think), am I doing a good conversion?

Thank you for your opinions.

PSYMN January 6, 2010 12:24

Importing SolidWorks
There is a direct reader for Solidworks (costs extra), similar to the direct readers for Pro/E, UG, etc.

If you must stick with a neutral geometry format, then IGES is the worst and STEP is the second worst. Formats like ACIS (SAT) are much better (cleaner, more parametric, etc.) and still free to read in ICEM CFD.

Most users should just go with the defaults. The other options are for a small percentage of users. If your import goes badly, tech support may suggest some of those options. If an option can't be selected, it is because it is not relevant based on your other settings. If your model looks fine, it probably is fine (even though IGES is the WORST;)).

thinktank January 14, 2010 01:48

Hii I too am facing problems in importing from SolidWorks. I created my geometry in SolidWorks 2009, however when I tried to import it ICEM CFD told me that it could only do so for versions till 2007.

I also came to know that SolidWorks 2009 is supported in Ansys Workbench but not in ICEM CFD. So is there any work around by which I can import the geometry into Ansys Workbench and then send it to ICEM CFD?

I did try to save my file in various other formats, but everytime I tried to do so, the geometry edges were not properly imported which resulted in distorted mesh generation. Could you tell me what version of Pro E is supported. I have Pro E wildfire 4.0 installed on my work computer.

these are the images from ICEM CFD, and Solidworks. As you can see the geometry imported into ICEM CFD has miss matching surfaces even though the surfaces match perfectly in SolidWorks 2009

PSYMN January 14, 2010 10:22

File => Workbench Readers

If you have workbench installed on your machine and the version is the same as ICEM CFD...

In ICEM CFD click on File => Workbench Readers.

Browse to select your SW2009 file.


It uses the workbench reader in the background but the translation goes directly into ICEM CFD.

Alternativly, you could open the file in DesignModeler (or ANSYS Meshing or ANSYS Simulation) do what ever editing you want and then save it. Then go to ICEM CFD => File => Worbench readers and click on the saved workbench project or its sub file and import the model that way.

thinktank January 27, 2010 00:24

Actually I figured out the reason now...the reason that was happening was not related to solidworks import, but rather due to the tolerance. The default triangulation tolerance is set to .01, while my parts themselves have dimensions of the order of 10e-6 m

AdidaKK January 27, 2010 12:29

one question.. im working with solidworks to and cfx-mesh, and when i import the cad model to cfx mesh i convert the solidworks file cad, to .x_t (parasolid type), this its a good format for cfd?

thnks very much

PSYMN March 5, 2010 01:08


Yes, Parasolid is good, ACIS is good, DXF is pretty good.

IGES and Step are the worst.

But true CAD (such as with the SolidWorks Direct interface, or direct translation from Pro/E, UG, Catia, etc.) is definitely the best.

Back to Parasolid, DX it's self has a Parasolid kernel... So if you don't have access to a true CAD interface, Parasolid is a pretty good choice.

AdidaKK March 5, 2010 16:11

thanks very veeeery much =), im using parasolid.

best regards

jiejie June 23, 2011 21:48


Originally Posted by thinktank (Post 243844)
Actually I figured out the reason now...the reason that was happening was not related to solidworks import, but rather due to the tolerance. The default triangulation tolerance is set to .01, while my parts themselves have dimensions of the order of 10e-6 m

Hi thinktank

I came across some thing very similar to yours. Hope you can give me some hints.

(1) I tired to load a .step file to icemcfd and it asks for a .tin file. Otherwise, I can not load the .step file into icemcfd. Is the .tin file necessary?

(2) My work around is to convert the .step to a .stl file and load the .stl file into icemcfd. However, the got face miss match like yours when I mesh the geometry (very irregular mesh elements along the curves, like your 2nd pic). You said your work around it is reduce the default triangulation tolerance. Where can I find this?

Thank you very much.

PSYMN June 24, 2011 12:01


The *.tin file is the ICEM CFD native geometry format. If you are bringing in a *.step file, you should "Import", not "open". This will convert your file into a *.tin.

You shouldn't go from bspline or nurb geometry (surfaces) to faceted unless you have a really good reason (like you IGES file would have been 2 GIGs and the STL is much smaller). Going to a faceted format is a loss in fidelity...

However, as I noted earlier... IGES and STEP are the worst of the formats, so if you have any better options...

Tri tolerance is under Settings => Model.

WesleyY January 18, 2012 03:37

Help so much.Thanks,PSYMN.

SimoneDG April 16, 2014 11:47

i have the same problem, when i import geometry Icem report this error:

"child process exited abnormally
Tetin file ./Parte1.tin does not exist

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