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Zoe January 8, 2010 13:21

ANSYS CFX-Meshing problem of a wind turbine blade
Hi there!

I am a student and I have undertaken a project on a wind turbine blade. I am using ANSYS Workbench 10 and I am trying to run simulations for a blade, which I designed in Rhinoceros program.

The first time I imported my drawing in ANSYS the mesh application ran just fine. After that, i had to rotate the blade in a different angle (that is the purpose of my project) and the mesh kept failing. The mesh parameters I have been using are: Type: constant, Maximum space length: 0.005. No matter how fine I make the mesh, it keeps giving me warnings that there are sharp edges and small angles in the blade design.

Does anyone have a clue what I can do to overcome this problem?

Muhammad Omer Mughal July 14, 2010 02:02

dera the answer to your problem is that use face meshing in ANSYS CFx mesh and in face meshing use relative error method,specify the variables according to the length of your blades.

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