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krrishcfd January 11, 2010 07:52

Mesh partitioning
Any one having idea about partitioning mesh in ICEM CFD ....

ehsan May 14, 2010 03:44

Hi there,

Is there any mesh partitioning software working under windows?


PSYMN May 16, 2010 14:31

Do you mean for a distributed solve?

Usually we rely on the solver to manage partitioning for distributed solve because they are in the best position to handle load balancing at run time.

If you mean something else, please rephrase the question.


ehsan May 16, 2010 21:33

Yes. I mean so.

I develop a Fortran code under Windows and I read the mesh from Gambit. I like to partition the grids before start solving the problem in parallel. The partitioning softwares are usually under Linux.

Any helps, suggestions?


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