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Raed141 January 12, 2010 04:47

Boundary Condition in Gambit & Fluent
Dear all,

I am still a begginer in Gambit & Fluent, and I would like to model a 2D evaporation of water in a pit. I would like to have the outter side of the pit at a constant temprature (higher than 200 C).

The form of the geometery is like two boxes inside each other (the outter one is the solid in which heat will be conducted, the inner one is the pit)

One of the problem I am facing is: What should I specify the upper boundary for the water? I would like to see the evaporating rate and the head conduction through wall. Another problem is how to specify the level of water and its temprature?

Would anyone help me pelase?
Thank you

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