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jackr84 January 19, 2010 09:14

Pressure inlet BC Fluent?
Hi, i have a doubt.
I have a catalytic converter and i must set pressure inlet. I have between inlet and outlet a difference pressure of 800 mmH20=78400 Pa. How do i set total gauge pressure?

dynamicdom February 25, 2010 09:09

different meshes -> different results in FLUENT
hello All,

I'd like like to do an meshing analyzation of a steam turbine gasket. That means, I would like to do do several meshes in the ANSYS 12 mesher.

The meshes should be from very fine to very coarse. The cells are triangles. For each mesh I will start a calculation in FLUENT.

The aim is to see how the results of the calculations diverge if I change the mesh.

How can I create several meshes out of one?
Or how can I change one mesh and save the different calculations in FLUENT?

It'd be nice if anybody could help me.


@jackr84: 1)open fluent->boundary conditions->click on 'pressure-inlet'->Momentum-> gauge pressure-> set your value
2) in solution initialization you should comupte from inlet.
3)run calc.

hope that will help you

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