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audunsy January 20, 2010 11:17

using .dbs files in ICEMCFD
Hi everyone,

Does somebody know if it is possible to import .dbs files (generated in Gambit) using ICEM. I no longer have access to Gambit, but would like to use some grids stored as .dbs (I don't have them in .msh format unfortunately)

PSYMN January 21, 2010 22:08

I am told that those files actually contain the instructions for Gambit to build your mesh (rather than the mesh its self). So only Gambit can do anything with them.

ICEM CFD (or any other tool) can not read those...


audunsy January 24, 2010 13:11

Thank you for the reply.

rwryne January 25, 2010 09:39


Originally Posted by audunsy (Post 243609)
Thank you for the reply.

Just a suggestion, but maybe you can post the dbs file and have someone with gambit convert it to a .msh?

arnbeb89 March 2, 2015 07:41

convert .dbs to .msh

I just recieved two .dbs files which I am not able to open. I do not have Gambit, only ICEM.

Would anyone mind converting these files into .msh using Gambit?


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