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matheusguzella January 21, 2010 12:17

Opening ICEM CFD directly from ANSYS

Sorry if it's not the correct place to ask, but the university where I'm working changed the version of ANSYS (from 11.0 to 12.0). When I was using the 11.0 version I was able to open ICEM CFD directly from ANSYS (just opening ANSYS and then clicking on "Advanced meshing"). But now in version 12.0 I tried a lot but it seems that it's not possible. And this is my question: it's possible to open in version 12.0 like I was doing on 11.0 ?!?

Thanks anyway,

PSYMN January 22, 2010 15:26

Not at 12...
Nope, ICEM CFD was not included on the Workbench 12 Project page. There just wasn't time to add it properly to the new 12.0 schematic. You will have to open it stand alone...

However, the ability to read workbench files has been improved so you can more easily open workbench geometry and mesh files in ICEM CFD. (File => Workbench readers).


chw73 February 21, 2010 20:24

Does that mean if I wanna import STL format into ansys, that won't apply in ansys 12.0 due to the lack of ICEM CFD? I am trying to convert MRI files to solid model, then mesh. Do I have to install a standalone ICEM CFD to get this job done?:confused:

PSYMN February 22, 2010 11:37

It gets a bit confusing when someone says “into ANSYS”. Do you mean into the ANSYS Classic Solver (Aka ANSYS APDL or Black Window ANSYS) or into Workbench based ANSYS?

Workbench based ANSYS has never supported faceted data formats like STL (although it should in the next release, 13.0).

However, Workbench has an application (free) called “FE Modeler” that can bring in *CLEAN* faceted data and “Skin them” to turn them into Bspline geometry for Workbench.

But yes, your best bet for working with biomedical scan data in the ANSYS world is ANSYS ICEM CFD. It has tons of tools for repairing the geometry (if necessary), plus its patch independent meshers makes it easy to get a good mesh. We just uploaded some more biomedical tutorials (an artery and a femur) to the customer portal.

PSYMN February 22, 2010 11:38

I guess I should add that once the model is meshed in ICEM CFD, you can easily export it in a format that can be read into Classic ANSYS (directly) or into Workbench (thru FE Modeler)

chw73 February 22, 2010 11:47

Yap, I meant Ansys workbench 12.0. It seems that FE modeler can import STL file format. But as you said, ICEM CFD has a better tool to repair geometry, right? I may still wanna install ICEM CFD standalone, right? Thanks a lot.

PSYMN February 22, 2010 12:27

Right, it needs to be pretty clean for success with FE Modeler.

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