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revanth January 25, 2010 13:10

Boundary conditions in Ansys workbench
Hi guys,

We have workbench 12 installed on our systems and I was using the analysis flow (fluent) ...I figured out how to draw a geometry and mesh it using cfx:rolleyes: mesh method.The manual guides me how to apply boundary conditions by creating a composite 2D region and assigning a name to it..and after generating the volume mesh and when I exported it into fluent...the zone names are not specified in the boundary conditions and I was stuck :confused:here ...Can anyone help me and I would be more than happy if any one can provide some example tutorials....:)

I had another question regarding the ICEM CFD...Wii this s/w help me in meshing and setting the boundary conditions and export that into FLUENT as GAMBIT did ..

Thanks in advance

giorunog January 29, 2010 19:42

I got exactly the same problem, I got stuck for many days already.
Anyone can help? appreciate.:o

revanth February 1, 2010 17:26

boundary conditions
Does any one know the solution or this problem

PSYMN February 3, 2010 12:24

Named Selections...
In workbench, "Named selections" will become boco or material names in Fluent. I agree this is not adequately shown in the tutorials.

And yes, ICEM CFD has all the same boco options for Fluent setup as Gambit does. In ICEM CFD, the bocos are based on Part/Family names.


revanth February 3, 2010 13:10

Thankyou Simon
Thank you so much sir...hope this works out...and if possible can you attach over a simple tutorial of how to setup boundary conditions in workbench using name selection...The tutorials which workbench provided with is not clear...It would be a great help for us....

davy March 9, 2010 15:54

No name or boco in .msh file
When I export a mesh from Ansys Meshing to a fluent .msh file I don't have any trace of boundary regions. I use ascii format and looking at the file there is at the end:
(45 (1 wall wall-part_1)())
(45 (2 interior interior-part_1)())
(45 (3 fluid part_1)())
When with a proper setup in icem I get:
(0 "Zone Sections")
(39 (9 fluid DEFAULT-DOMAIN)())
(39 (10 interior int_DEFAULT-DOMAIN)())
(39 (11 pressure-outlet OUT)())
(39 (12 velocity-inlet IN)())
(39 (13 symmetry SYM)())
(39 (14 wall EXTRADOS)())
(39 (15 wall INTRADOS)())

If I use cgns format I get the proper names for boundary regions. And if I connect the mesh to a cfx setup in workbench boundaries are also present.


jpo April 29, 2011 09:21

I am stuck here too. There seems to be no straightforward way to set BCs in Workbench/Meshing

I miss gambit :)

PSYMN May 4, 2011 12:18

Here is a link to illustrate how to do this...

Best regards,


jpo May 9, 2011 15:07

Thank you; this video is very helpful indeed

grtabor September 30, 2011 17:20

Very useful and informative video. However I am still finding that when I move on to the fluent app from mesher the Named Selections are still not being imported. Any other tips as to what might be going wrong would be appreciated. Thanks

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