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prashanthreddyh January 26, 2010 17:57

3D boundary layer and meshing problem in GAMBIT 2.4.6
I have a problem with boundary layer formation. Already created boundary layer is removed by the GAMBIT 2.4.6 while the meshing the volumes, it says that Unable to attach boundary layer on edge xxx.3 of face xxx.

I am modeling a free surface flow i.e. a canal, levee breach and flooding the surrounding area. I am trying to model the steady state conditions after the levee breach. The total area is divided into 23 volumes. The volumes 1 to 11 are solid blocks (they are houses in the flooded area) and remaining volumes 14 to 25 are fluid volumes. I would like to mesh all the fluid volumes but boundary layer is required in fluid volumes at least 14, 24 and 25. Top of the fluid volumes is free surface flow. The bottom of the fluid volumes is not even surface so meshing and creating boundary layers is challenging. Without the boundary layers I could mesh the fluid volumes with 2 cm volume meshing in this order and I could successfully export to Fluent

1) vol 24 Hex Wedge Cooper 0.02
2) vol 25 Hex Wedge Cooper 0.02
3) vol 14 Hex Wedge Cooper 0.02
4) vol 15 Hex Sub Map 0.02
5) vol 16 Hex Sub Map 0.02
6) vol 17 Hex Sub Map 0.02
7) vol 18 Hex Sub Map 0.02
8) vol 19 Hex Sub Map 0.02
9) vol 20 Hex Wedge Cooper 0.02
10) vol 21 Hex Wedge Cooper 0.02
11) vol 22 Hex Sub Map 0.02
12) vol 23 Hex Map 0.02

I have uploaded the journal file. Download link is

Please help me creating boundary layers and meshing. Any idea, advise and solution is greatly appreciated.

Advance thanks to you.


m_kanani December 20, 2011 01:35

I have a problem with BL method like you. Have you found any solution for this problem yet?
Please help me about this problem. thanks a lot.

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