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ivanddd January 28, 2010 09:17

Export unstructured periodic mesh from ICEM CFD to Fluent

I want to solve aircraft propeller with MRF in Fluent 12.1 . I solved this in cylindrical computation domain and there is very good agreement with analytical solution.
When I tried to create periodic mesh (180 cylindrical domain) in ICEM CFD there were this situation :
1)coarse unstructured grid works without problems in ICEM CFD and Fluent

2) When I tried to use unstructured grid with prismatic layers (about 15 prism layers), the problem was not in ICEM CFD but Fluent's check reported :
WARNING: left-handed faces detected on zone 20: 420388 right-handed, 61 left-handed.
I used grid>modify zones>repair-face-handedness but probles is still here.

3) I used unstructured grid with one prismatic layer the problem was not in ICEM CFD and Fluent's check.

Does somebody know, what should I do.
Thanks very a lot.
(Sorry for my English)

shankar1221989 February 3, 2011 01:51

Dear Ivan,

The problem with left handed faces comes when the surfaces forming the tets/prisms are not of good quality. This typically happens when the surface mesh in tricky regions are not fine enough, or the growth rate in these trichy regions are high.
when I say tricky regions, it means regions with highly acute sections.
check out for such sections..if you hav any..separate out such sections, generate a finer mesh and give a lower growth rate in the prism layer....
hope this helps..

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