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siw February 5, 2010 03:53

[ICEM] Scripting scale factor not working

I'm making a 2-D mesh and extruding it on the z-axis for CFX. I have made a replay file of the geometry and mesh commands. But when I change the Global Element Scale Factor in the replay file the mesh always ends up being as if the value is 1.0. Here's the mesh generation script but I've left out the syntax as it takes up alot of space.

### Mesh generation.

## Specify global mesh parameters.

ic_geo_scale_meshing_params all 0.5

ic_set_meshing_params global 0 gref 1.0 gmax 0.0 gfast 0 gedgec 0.2 gnat 0 gcgap 1 gnatref 10

## Specify shell mesh parameters

## Specify curve nodes parameters.

## Generate surface mesh.


PSYMN February 9, 2010 10:49

Hey Stuart,

What method are you using for your compute mesh? It should work with all of them, but knowing might give me some clues.

If you are using the patch dependent mesher, have you set an ignore size?

I think I need more info to help understand why this isn't working...

siw February 9, 2010 11:50

Hi Simon,

I'm using the Patch Dependent method and have got some good CFX results with it although I've not yet used it with the CFX ICEM Replay Remeshing functionality - which is the objective of the study I'm using it for.

No, I didn't set the ignore size syntax in the replay file. When I get back to work next week I'll give that a try.

Thanks once again.

Anorky March 13, 2010 08:18


If I understoud the problem correctly the problem is that you can't change the scale factor in your replay file. If you change the value, it will always return to 1.0 while replaying the file.

Ok, if this is the problem try the following:


ic_geo_scale_meshing_params all $SCALE_FACTOR
ic_set_meshing_params global 0 gref $SCALE_FACTOR gmax $MAX_EL_SIZE gfast 0 gedgec 0.2 gnat 0 gcgap 1 gnatref 10 igwall 0

This schould do the trick.

Good luck

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