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cfdiscool February 10, 2010 12:09

ICEM CFD-- finding right handed faces and correcting them.
Hello All

I am using ICEM CFD 11

I created a tetra mesh which looks like cake slice (A 3 D Sector) . I defined the side walls of this cake slice asrotational periodic in FLUENT. It in fact created them as periodic.I see the as grid interfaces from Grid---> grid-Interfaces

When GRID check happens FLUENT reports face handedness and possibly non convex cells in the mesh. So i tried to correct the mesh again in ICEM 11, but even improving the skewness up to 0.4 I still get the same face handedness in FLUENT when I read the grid.

My work demands to take these bad/skewed cells away from the mesh. So

1. How can I delete them or refine them using ICEM 11?
2. How to see these face-handed/non-convex cells in FLUENT and/or ICEM.

i tried much but of no result.....thanks for any suggestion from you

nice day...


PSYMN February 13, 2010 02:02

Face Normals.
I think you are talking about face normals...

Right click on shells in the display tree to display your normals as colors and you will probably see that the shells are not all oriented the same way.

To fix this, there is an option under Edit Mesh to "Edit Normals". Go in there and use the option that looks like a green rubix cube (I forget the name). That one will orient all your normals the same way based on the underlying volume (easiest to use)...

You may also want to renumber and run the appropriate mesh checks before exporting again.


yvonne July 26, 2010 09:34

How do you do the same in FLUENT???

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