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falconf16 February 18, 2010 16:22

Need help in ICEM CFD Mapped Meshing
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Hello, everyone, I am new to the ICEM CFD. Currently I am working on a 2D domain and would like to create mapped triangular surface meshing like the one in the attached example, however, I can only managed to mesh my domain with either structured all quad elements or unstructured triangular elements and I don't know how to create such mapped triangular meshing in ICEM CFD, can I please have some tips in creating such meshing?

Thank you in advance.



feizaghaee February 18, 2010 16:45

you can change the quad elements to that shap in edit mesh tab of icem.

PSYMN February 19, 2010 15:20

Right, more specifically...

Mesh it with mapped quads and then go to edit mesh => Change Mesh type => Quad to tri.

The hot-key is ctrl-t when in the edit mesh tab.


PSYMN February 19, 2010 15:21

I should note, they won't look like that (one quad to 4 tris plus an added node), rather they will be one quad to 2 triangles (diagonal cut, no new nodes).

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