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Alien February 19, 2010 06:26

Output problem in the icem cfd12.0
When I mesh, I make two body, for example live1 and live2. But When I output the grid using the CGNS, there is only one body. Do anyone have the situation?

PSYMN February 22, 2010 12:46

I see the same thing here... I played with it for a while and couldn't figure it out so I reported it as a defect.

Thanks and sorry for the hassle.

We do plan to make our CGNS output rock solid, but in the mean time, could you use the FLuent.msh format? That format is so common it has almost become a neutral file format its self.


Alien February 27, 2010 08:08

Simon, thank you for your help.
And I have found that the Fluent.msh format can output two or more bodys.
I am writing the code for the fluent format input. But it is better that
the CGNS format can output as well.

PSYMN February 28, 2010 01:03

Agreed. We will get that sorted out ASAP.

Bit of history/trivia; ICEM CFD developers (Diane Poirer and Bruce Wedan) were key people in the development of the CGNS format (from when it started to present). I think it is fair to say that they did most of the early development work.

ICEM CFD management was (and is) very interested in making sure that there was (and is) a strong 3rd party mesh format that we could all rely on. I am also currently on the CGNS Steering Committee, although not nearly as useful as Diane or Bruce ;).

This recent hiccup is more related to the switch over to CGNS 3.0 HDF. We will sort it out.


Alien February 28, 2010 08:35

Waiting for the switch!
Thanks! After the discussion on the output format, Our team have chose the CGNS as the input and the output of our solver. The Griden can also output the format. And the tecplot and fieldview support the format as well. So I choose the fluent.msh format instead temporarily. I am still waiting for the CGNS.
I express my sincere respect for your work on the CGNS format!
(And my English is poor.:p)


Alien April 1, 2010 12:45

Another problem!
Hi, Simon.
I found another problem in the CGNS output format from the v12.1. When I read the CGNS file using the CGNS.lib, there is something wrong. I found that the order of the prism nodes maybe wrong. I guess that the 7th node means the mid-node of the prism edge in the CGNS format.
Thank you!


ahasan1 April 7, 2010 18:02

I using ICEM CFD for my 2D geometry. I have two quick questions:

(1)I have drawn a rectangle geometry and trying to do hexa meshing using ‘Blocking’. I have followed these steps:
Blocking> Create Block> ‘Initialize Block’ and clicked on the rectangle geometry to get the block. After that I have followed these:
Pre-mesh Params> Edge Paramas> Edge.
At this stage I have clicked on my geometry however I have found that the arrow is different direction what I am expecting to use some expanding mesh in certain direction. Please let me know, how the direction of edge arrow can be changed?

(2)I am trying to extrude my 2D meshed elements to get 10 layers of meshed elements. I have followed these steps:
Edit Mesh> Extrude Mesh> ‘Elements’ and selected the whole meshed geometry >Extrude by element Normal>’Number of Layers’ have put 10.
However, I have found that the meshed geometry got extrusion of infinity length. Please let me know how to do extrude 10 layers of elements.

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