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morourke February 20, 2010 10:43

Exporting part names to Fluent
I have generated a mesh in ICEM and exported it to Fluent. However when I read in the mesh I can not see the parts I created in ICEM (i.e. inlet, outlet, etc). I would appreciate if somebody could offer some help.

PSYMN February 22, 2010 12:36

should work...
Did you have shell elements in those parts?

Did you create bocos in those parts?

You must at least click on the bocos button and hit accept to save a default file, but you could also set things up more carefully, then you must make sure to save the project before outputting. The output operation is a batch operation that runs off the saved files, so saving is critical.

This usually works pretty well. Actually, the ICEM CFD ability to write fluent.msh files is 100% of the options available in the format.

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