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saeed February 28, 2010 04:11

mesh problem
Hi evry body
I modeled a pem fuel cell in gambit but when I meshig it, 1 face does not mesh and I can't mesh same volume by quad type
any one can help me??????????

mozaffar February 28, 2010 09:49

Hi Body
It is better to attach your geometry and mention your way to create it and also what meshing type and scheme do you want to execute to each face. It can make your problem more obvious.
All the best

-mAx- March 1, 2010 02:05

Take a look at this face, and check why the 2d-mesh failed.
Typical reason: small edges, etc...

elemad1987 August 7, 2012 06:46

guess what happenHistory repeat it self.

I have the same problem as you

I am using the Fluent 14 and I want to simulate a PEM fuel cell.
The only tutorial of PEM fuel cell of Fluent is from 6.3 version.
I use it to Fluent 14 and I follow the steps but the results does not the same, also some data and parameters are different.

Anybody know if the tutorial of 6.3 Fluent is working to Fluent 14 too?
I think now you had finish your thesis peacefully.
Can you help me to overcome my problems.

Thank you
Emad G.

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