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Jasmine March 2, 2010 15:16

Hex-core and prism
HI guys,

I just wonder when we generate mesh in ICEM CFD, after textra mesh is done, do we have to conduct hex-core generation first, or prism first, or it doesn't matter which one comes first?

PSYMN March 3, 2010 10:53

Prism First.
The prism mesher "inserts" prisms after the volume mesh is generated. It can move tetras out of the way as the layers inflate, but can not move hexas.

On the other hand, the hexa core mesh is generated by deleting the tetra volume, filling it with cubes and then backfilling with pyramids and tetras (delaunay) to the surrounding mesh. It will not damage prisms or have any conflict with them.

If you are using Octree Tetra, you may also want to look at "12 Tetra to 1 Hexa" conversion".

Either way, I recommend doing Prism first...

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