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flyingk March 5, 2010 21:51

Geometry ignored on symmetry plane
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Hi everyone,

I am trying to mesh a simple 3d wing half model with a symmetry plane. Octree works but Fluent does not seem to like the mesh... Thus I am trying to use the patch dependent mesher. Works fine on the wing but when I mesh the symmetry plane the mesh is strangely distorted and ignores the geometry at the leading and trailing edges ( see pics). I believe I have tried all options and also attached curve setting to the contact curve. Nothing changes the behaviour.

I can't attach the files because of size but will send them out if somebody could have a look. It's probably something simple but I am out of ideas... The same geometry work fine in CFX mesh but the control there is so limited. I also tried several import formats including the original Solidworks file.

Thanks for any advice.


aweizazuji August 15, 2011 11:05

Same question,hope someone help!

stuart23 August 16, 2011 06:41


Octree works well because it doesn't mind if your CAD model isn't watertight and connected up nicely. However Patch Dependent surface mesh algorithms need the surfaces to be connected well, or it will not create a (usable) mesh.

Try to use the Build Diagnostic Topology function to fix your geometry. If you have single edges, the patch dependent algorithm will not work.


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