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blackbody March 7, 2010 09:11

ICEM Edit Mesh
I have a question about ICEM:
I have a .cfx file of a 1.5 stage turbine. However the inlet mesh has to be extruded (adding an extra block) since the given Boundary Conditions with which I want to run the simulation are more upstream than the present mesh is.
I saved the .cfx as a .def in order to open the existing mesh in ICEM.
Now I extruded the Inlet Surface Mesh (2D) with (EXTRUDE MESH).

- How can I split de generated 3D Mesh block into for example upper surface, lower furface, inlet surface,... in order to define that the upper surface is a wall etc... (or will this be done in CFX?)

- Which other steps do I have to do before I can export the Mesh into CFX?

- How can I match this generated extra block to the allready existing 1.5 stage mesh?

Thank you very much for your help!!!

rikio March 8, 2010 02:38

First, if you extrude the 2D mesh into 3D, no block generated. And it is 1:1 connected, no extra operation needed to match.
Second, when extruding mesh, you have an option to name the side part, top part and volume part. If there is any difficult to name parts you want, you can also create a new part, and add the elements into it. Please refer to the Help manual at Help Manual | Display Tree | Parts | Parts Display Options | Create Part.

blackbody March 8, 2010 03:33

Thank you! I will try this.
But one little more question:

I took an existing 3D Mesh, exportet only the Inlet surface (2D) to ICEM, extruded this to a 3D Mesh. When I will import this generated 3D mesh back to CFX, will I have the Inlet surface (mesh) doubble? Do I have to delete one? In ICEM or CFX?
Thanks again....

rikio March 8, 2010 03:49

You can merge the two inlet in ICEM by merging tools.
Edit Mesh| Merge Nodes

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