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blackbody March 8, 2010 09:56

ICEM: Create Part
I have a Mesh in ICM (no geometry), and I want to split a Part into two... but when i click "Create Part" two of the possible 4 options are gray and i cannot chose them, why??? i would need the left option...
thank you

PSYMN March 9, 2010 11:14

Hmm, it looks like you found a bug :o. I guess we don’t often have “only mesh”. However, This should be a quick and easy fix and we will take care of it for the next release.

That first ICON will work for mesh only, in fact when you first open the project and go to this DEZ (Data Entry Zone), even though the icon is grayed out, you can still select mesh.

In the mean time, there are at least two possible work arounds…

1)Create a geometry point in any part and any location (I would use “Geometry => Create Point => Explicit Coordinates” and just apply to create a default point at 0, 0, 0.) Then turn off the geometry in the model tree so that selection will default to “select elements” instead of “select entities”. If you do see “select entities” you can always hit the last button on the popup selection toolbar to switch to “select elements”.
2)If you don’t want to create a point, you could just open the project again and use that tool while it is grayed out… The problem is that if you select one of the other 2 visible options, you can’t switch back until you restart ICEM CFD. But as long as you don’t click one of the other icons, you can just click the select entities icon and proceed with element selection.

PSYMN March 9, 2010 15:37

OK, development sorted this out pretty quickly... :cool:

I will contact "blackbody" privately to pass him the micro-patch. If anyone else needs it, they can contact me privately... (or just wait for the next release)

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