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cfdengineer March 12, 2010 11:45

Trying to create a similar prostar tet mesh using ICEM
I have a prostar tet mesh that has been completed. Prostar is Star-CD's mesher and it uses a delauney style meshing approach and I have surface mesh parameters of length scale, minimum size, growth ratio, and min # of points around a circle. What I want to do is use those numbers to come up with a similar ICEM tet mesh. How can I relate those prostar parameters to ICEM parameters, i.e. Global seed size and scale factor and surface max size , etc... Any help will be appreciated.

rikio March 12, 2010 19:54

All the mesh size you mentioned can be set in ICEM.
Global Element Scale Factor and Global Element Seed Size could be reached at Mesh |Global Mesh Setup, and surface max size at Mesh|Surface Mesh Setup.

PSYMN March 13, 2010 19:02

Match up...
Right, so to be more specific,

Length Scale is probably Global Mesh Setup => Scale Factor. I usually just leave that as 1.0, but others like to play with it.

Minimum Size is Global Mesh Setup => Min Size Limit

Growth Ratio can be setup on each surface. It is probably the "Tetra Size Ratio" for Octree. For Delaunay, you will find a Growth Ratio as "Spacing Scaling Factor" under "Global Mesh Params => Volume Meshing Params => Tetra/Mixed => Quick Delaunay"

Minimum number of points around a circle takes you back to the Global Mesh Size DEZ (Data Entry Zone) at the bottom of the DEZ in the Curvature and Proximity based refinment section you will find "Refinement". "Refinement" is the min number of cells in 360 degrees, but is limited by the "Min Size Limit".

These are all "Octree" Mesh params. StarCD used to be an authorized reseller of ICEM CFD (back in the good old days), so it is not surprising that when they made their own mesher it is quite similar in the setup. Their new mesher starts with Octree Tetra, but then uses that Octree Tetra as a background mesh for Delaunay (roughly speaking). You can do the same with ICEM CFD by remeshing with Delaunay after you are done. If you have 12.1, I recommend the TGLIB AF algorithm...

I have put two movies on Youtube for this... The first is a setup and the second runs the mesher...

Best regards,


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