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rubenk March 12, 2010 23:57

Does workbench system let me modify geometry post-simulation
We are migrating to Ansys 12 CFD package from Fluent 6.3.

I would like to know if it is possible to actually update the geometry with workbench (includes design modeler) so as not to lose my boundary conditions, etc from my existing Fluent model or if this is a pipe dream. Original geometry was created using Gambit.

I got excited because I see that Star-CCM+ advertises
"post-process, update the geometry and automatically rerun the calculation, all within a single coherent environment..."

I thought maybe it is possible with the new ANSYS 12.1 product.

PSYMN March 13, 2010 19:07

Of course...
Yes, it works well as long as the entity names are maintained... If you used IGES or something like that, the names get scrambled and there is nothing we could do...

If your names are the same (behind the scenes surface names get preserved with most geometry types) then the mesh params, bocos, etc. are all "parametric and persistent". You can replace the geometry in the DM tree and Workbench will perform all the same operations (geometry operations, meshing operations, solver setup and post operations) on the new geometry.

If an entity is missing from the new model (such as an outlet), you can just reapply that boco or mesh parameter (or add other ones) and then proceed.

If you have DesignXplorer, you can really start to play with the parameters... Create a DOE, post process, etc.

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