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renu March 14, 2010 07:53

combustion chamber meshing

Good evening friends,

Iam trying to do cold flow analysis of a Diesel engine. For that i want to mesh the combustion chamber(inlet,outlet,piston,cylinder).From tutorials i got some idea about dynamic mesh.

1)But iam confused about how to start the initial mesh with ICEM.

2)Means which one i have to mesh first.and which type of mesh i have to use,Tetra or Hexa.(For which we component we have to use surface and volume meshes)

Here iam expecting small suggestions thats enough.

Thanks in advance.

PSYMN March 15, 2010 10:04

Small answer
If you are planning for birth and death of cells as the piston moves, then you should at least do the cylinder with hexas... Similarly, you may want to model a cylinder around the valves and put hexas in there.

You really could do the entire bowl with hexa, but some people find that difficult to do.

You could also use Tetras to more easily mesh any "difficult regions".

You would then need to merge your tetra and hexa regions together...

It is really a big question with lots of variables, and this is really a small answer...

renu March 15, 2010 23:31

Good morning friends.
Thanku for u r replay.
can we mesh entire combustion chamber with tetra mesh.

PSYMN March 16, 2010 15:05

I have seen it done that way... Not often, but I have seen it.

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