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courtjester140 March 14, 2010 20:35

Geometry of a "wind tunnel"
Ok, rather than opening a new thread I'm going to edit this one since I never got any replies for the original.

I'm having issues applying a surface mesh to the geometry of my AUAV. I've attatched a couple of pictures. The first picture shows that I have an inlet region, exit region, 4 walls, and the UAV itself. The next picture shows the aircraft in more detail. Am I going to have to mesh each part of the aircraft individually, or is there an easier way to do it? How would an expert such as yourself, the reader, handle the meshing of this model?

-Michael Petrarca

courtjester140 March 16, 2010 19:51

Here is what the default mesh looks like. Notice how rough it is, and how the cylinders for the booms turn into 2-d flat surfaces. Also notice the many many errors =(.

I'm going to give a crack at setting meshing properties to each individual part, but i'm not sure what to do about the booms. Any suggestions there?

Here is a refined mesh, the Wing, Nacelles, Fuselage, Booms, Horizontal Tail, Vertical Tail, and Tail Structure are all meshed individually so I can change the resolution easily. The booms are no longer an issue; I only get one warning about them but it will still work. I just had to ctr-alt-del because my volume meshing would have taken days, if not weeks, to finish. I don't have that kind of time, so now I have to drop the resolution of the fluid box.

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