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baby_blue March 16, 2010 13:49

Need help in meshing (3D MAV)
Hey everybody!!~

I need help in meshing with Gambit :confused:. Im doing a research about optimizing MAV design and aerodynamic characteristics. Here's the specification (do tell me if I need to upload the figure of geometric model)

Outer boundary (Big box) of 1.4m x 2m x 1m
Size function: faces - MAV
attached to volume - Big box
start size - 0.001m
growth rate - 1.08
max size - 0.2m

Me and my partner were so satisfied with the result (mesh size gradually increased from 0.001 to 0.2). The problem is, our sv thought that the max size is too coarse that it would make our results inaccurate thus not reliable to use. Therefore he asked us to re-define the max size to 0.02m. Ive tried re-do all the steps with this new max size but error occured. (Something like memory limitation). That leaves to other 2 options

1. make another smaller rectangle inside the big box with different size function, or
2. use ICEM

My question is
1. The coarse your mesh, the less data you'll captured. However in my case, datas near the airplane are much much more important than datas near the outer boundary. So would it really affect my outcome results just like my sv had said --> more inaccurate?
2. Does anyone know how to solve this problem with a simpler way?
3. If i were to create the smaller box inside the big box, how can i link between those 2 boxes so the meshes wouldnt overlap each other?
4. Is it possible and more effective to use ICEM in my case? If so, how can we export Gambit file to ICEM?

Please help me!!~ Thank you :)

-mAx- March 17, 2010 03:05

yes a picture is welcome
If you have memory problem, then the volume you are trying to mesh is too big.
Split it, ( in your case create a volume surrounding your body), and re-apply your SF on this volume.

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