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Anorky March 18, 2010 09:34

Split wall hexa mesh
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Hello everyone,

I have a question concerning using the split wall functions in the blocking for hexagonal meshing.
In the picture you can see I simple geometry which I want to test.
The curved plate is a seperate part, as well as the top and side boundaries (not shown in the picture), the inlet and the outlet.

Since the curved plate has no thickness (it's just a surface) no surface mesh is made in the premesh.
In the tetra meshing part you would define this surface as a split wall, which will result in a (different) surface mesh on both sides of the surface.

As far as I know the split wall function is only valid for a tetra mesh, correct me if I am mistaken.

Is there a similar function for the hexa mesh which allows me to make a surface mesh on both sides of the plate?

If I now export and read this mesh into fluent, I cannot setup the plate as a wall because this part is not present.

Any suggestions or hints would be greatly appreciated!

I know the topology of the geometry and blocking is far from ideal, but I just wanted to figure out how it works. For the final simulations I will improve this.

I should maybe also mention that I am using icemcfd version 11 sp1.

Thanks for reading my post.

Kind regards

PSYMN March 20, 2010 21:46

Hexa Baffle
No problem...

In ICEM CFD Hexa, the default is that if blocks on both sides are in the same blocking material (part), it should not project the between face to surface... However, you can always manually project a face to a surface. Go into Associate Face to Surface and associate the faces on the baffle to nearest surface or you could even pick the baffle part...

This will give you a single layer of shells. Usually Fluent is good with that and will create the shadow layer its self during import.

However, if you really want to split it yourself, you can go to Edit Mesh and Split the wall. (sorry, off the top of my head I am blanking on the exact button name because I rarely need it, but the icon shows the elements peeling back). It will ask you for the part you want to split, so make sure you use a unique part name for the baffle.

Have fun.


Anorky March 21, 2010 11:33

Hello Simon,

Great, I will give this a try tomorrow, thanks for the help!

Best regards

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