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lau06165 March 19, 2010 08:32

Desperate student needs help meshing 3D GAMBIT model - please help!
Hi there,

I found this forum when google-ing for help with 3D meshing on Gambit. I am currently a mechanical engineering student in my 4th year and my project involves CFD analysis of wind velocity profiles over North Sea oil rigs.

I am currently trying to mesh the model in GAMBIT and having difficulties that I am unsure how to solve. I first tried meshing the faces, however when I tried to then mesh the volume Gambit complained about highly skewed elements preventing the volume meshing from taking place - no matter how fine or coarse the face meshing was.

Then, under suggestion from my supervisor, I tried to just mesh the volume, without face meshing first. This almost worked, but at the end Gambit kicked up a fuss again and from what I gather was complaining about poor face meshing and telling me to go mesh the faces - which I know doesn't work either!

Can anyone offer any help or advice here? It would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

-mAx- March 22, 2010 02:09

Check the messages from Gambit as it failed to mesh some surfaces. Remember face number, and display those faces.
It should have small angle, small edge etc...
Just use split/merge tools to workaround those issues.
If you still have problem, post pictures.

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