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AMusteykis March 19, 2010 15:25

Mesh generation tool
Hello to community!
Could anybody suggest a good mesh generation software for 64-bit system?

Thanks in advance!

jchawner March 20, 2010 14:02


I realize this is the ANSYS meshing forum but Gridgen is available for 64-bit Linux and Pointwise is available for both 64-bit Windows and 64-bit Linux.

(Simon: don't mean to be stepping on your toes here! ;-)

PSYMN March 20, 2010 21:29

No problem John, but it is curious how much time you spend on the ANSYS Meshing forum (I have never been to the Gridgen forum myself)... Are you looking for a job? ;)

To AMusteykis, well, you are on the ANSYS Meshing section, so you can guess what I would recommend...

But actually, it is a good question because ANSYS has a number of meshers and each produces a number of different types of mesh...

Historically, the ICEM CFD and CFX aqusitions brought their meshers into ANSYS, as did Autodyne and then Fluent brought in Fluent and TGrid. ANSYS already had Prep7... However, we have combined all these developers together (easily the largest group of commercial meshing developers in the world) and they have put hundreds of man years of development time into the new ANSYS Meshing tool.

So, off the top of my head, not knowing what you are working on or what type of mesh you would need, I would suggest ANSYS Meshing. It comes with ANSYS Fluent or ANSYS CFX or ANSYS Mechanical or ANSYS AutoDyn, etc. or it can be purchased separately. It already includes technology from all our best meshing tools, presented in an automated way. It is also parametric and persistent and has flexible controls that let you drill down to control things like mesh method or number of nodes on a particular edge.

Eventually, as the best technology from all the tools is fully migrated into ANSYS Meshing (along with a lot of newly developed technology such as the CutCell Cartesian mesher (AKA GoCart)) it will be the only answer.

However, in the mean time, if you can tell me more about what you are trying to model, then perhaps I could make a more specific recommendation.

For instance, you might want to look at ICEM CFD or TGrid. These are more "interactive" tools that allow a more advanced user to craft their mesh. ICEM CFD is particularly popular for its Patch Independent Tetra that handles very poor models or its high end Hexa tool that has very advanced blocking functionality. It also has excellent mesh editing. TGrid has its wrapper tool that can handle tetra/prism meshing large and complex automotive underhood models, etc. (I could really go on for hours, and I have. You can check it out and or or check out our new youtube channel (which I need to find time for) at

AMusteykis March 21, 2010 06:43

Hello, guys!
Thanks for your replies!
What I actually need is some separate software like Gambit to use it for Fluent. I now have Fluent 6.3 32-x and Gambit 32-x. But want to move to Fluent 64-x in order to solve complex 3D flows. But Gambit for 64-x systems dosn't exist. Indeed I can create mesh in Gambit 32-x but with complex 3D geometry it goes not well.
So, I'm searching for substitution of Gambit.
To Simon: You said that ANSYS Meshing can be purchased separately. I haven't got experience with ANSYS yet, do you think it could deal with Fluent 6.3? Or m.b. I need to post my question in Fluent section?

PSYMN March 21, 2010 11:20

Development is working to supersede Gambit with ANSYS Meshing (will be the final migration path). It is ready in many areas and depending on your task, it may be just what you need.

ANSYS Meshing does support 64 bit Windows, and ANSYS Meshing 12.1.1 supports Linux 64 bit.

However, we are still recommending ANSYS ICEM CFD for large models (>40 million cells) or models with faceted or poor geometry (or combinations of geometry, facets and mesh), or models with zero thickness baffles or models that require full Hexa mesh. In the mean time, they are working to improve ANSYS Meshing in areas critical for Gambit migration for the next release (13.0). Other key attributes of ICEM CFD and/or TGrid will take a few more releases to be completely migrated.

jchawner March 21, 2010 12:23


If only there were a Pointwise or Gridgen forum!

Best Regards

PSYMN March 21, 2010 14:59

Why not start one?
Oh, I assumed there was one :(. I am not exactly sure how it works, but couldn't you get the CFD-Online guys to start a Pointwise forum? I am sure that you would find users who would appreciate it as well as the ICEM CFD users do.

AMusteykis March 22, 2010 13:06

Thanks a lot!
I think I'll try ANSYS ICEM CFD.

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