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Zweeper March 22, 2010 19:57

Question about aerodynamik design (rear wing)
Hello everybody,

i designed and analysed my own rear wing and i have now some problems with the end plates. they create hard vortexes on their upper side and i'm thinking now about how to reduce these vortexes.

you can see pictures here:


Maybe you can give me some ideas how to improve my design?

Kind regards,


PSYMN March 23, 2010 09:35

Taller Fence?
I am more of a meshing guy, but you asked this on the meshing board (I hope you asked the solver forum also) and it is a little more interesting than the meshing questions, so I will give my 2 cents... (plus it means I will get notification of the other answers ;))

You have a high pressure region above your wing. It can't escape forward because of the flow velocity... It can't escape rearward because of viscosity along the airfoil... Perhaps this is correct, but just to be sure, you should do a mesh refinement study and produce a finer boundary layer mesh that could better capture the viscous effects. Perhaps your mesh is too coarse and is adversely affecting the flow.

If it isn't the mesh, then the physics/geometry are causing the high pressure air to escape over the fence. So, one simplistic fix would be to simply increase the height of your fence. Another option would be to try and get the same force from a compound wing (trailing airfoil). This would let some flow from the high pressure side slip thru the gap between the airfoils to re-energize the boundary layer (and increase the contribution) of the second airfoil.

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