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enfinity March 23, 2010 19:27

Splitting a geometry problem

I currently have a virtual volume that i'd like to split in two. This virtual volume contains a virtual face that cannot be converted to a real face. I am trying to split the entire volume into two parts, pretty much right down the center. I performed this similar problem with a very similar geometry before, but the faces were real on this previous one (and only the volume was virtual), so i was able to split the real faces on the volume with a large plane in order to get edges on the large volume where i wanted a split. I do know that to split a virtual volume, I need a face to split it with that is connected to the volume itself. In order to accomplish this, I take this large plane and split the faces on the volume with this large generic plane to get the edges connected to the volume that i want. Then I connect the edges together to get a wireframe face that can split the volume. Upon doing this, I was able to split the virtual volume in two using this new wireframe face.

I tried a similar method with this new geometry but I am unable to split the virtual face with the large plane because it's virtual and cannot be converted to real... can anyone help me out with an alternate option?

The large white lines represent the large generic square plane that I use to split the faces so that I can get the edges connected to the virtual volume in order to split it in the end.

-mAx- March 24, 2010 02:17

typical from virtual entities.
Here is what I would do (here your plane will be unusefull):
*split each edge (which should be splitted from your plane) with the right x-coordinate -> it gives you vertex
*split each surface (which should be splitted from your plane) with the right vertex
-> it gives you edges (check that the surfaces are splitted alond the edges)
*create wireframe surface from the generated edges
*split your volume with the surface
That's it

enfinity March 24, 2010 13:31


I can split the edges to give me the vertices but I cannot seem to split the surfaces. It keeps giving me a fatal error and crashes the program. I should note that this entire geometry is considered one big surface and not several surfaces on each side of the geometry.

enfinity March 24, 2010 13:42

whoops, never mind, i was able to get it to work.

i had to change the default settings to allow a virtual face-to-face split, and then i used the method i first described above and it was able to work =)

hhh September 13, 2012 09:33

Gambit Geomentry Problem
3 Attachment(s)
Dear friends,
i am using gambit to draw my 3D wing,i create outer domain, the problem i face is my wing face & domain face are intersect i want to stick my wing face in one of the domain face, For that how i tilt either my wing face or my plane(face) to make a cantilever beam, please see my attached wing( in that red color shows wing face1, I want to stick face 1 to face2 like cantilever beam, then i want subtract my face 2 to face 1, please see the attached various position of image, please help me

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