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zkdkeen March 24, 2010 00:51

Need help on hybrid blocking
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I just want to generate a mesh which looks like Simon's pic. Some surface areas are quad and some are tri, o-grid around surface and tetra outside.
I have tried several methods, but comes to nothing.
Who can tell me about the procedure?

PSYMN March 24, 2010 11:41

That model was created using the MultiZone Method... I did it in a series of live demos at various conferences and it took about 15 minutes from raw Geometry to that Picture.

There are 2 steps

First, use the Initialize Blocking with the method set to 2D surface blocking... This generates an automatic "SURFACE" blocking based on the underlying geometry topology. Therefore it is important to have built the geometry topology first. Also, sometimes it helps to cut up some geometry with iso curves or cut by plane or something like that. Once that surface blocking is built, you can do all sorts of block editing to convert free blocks to mapped blocks, move edges and verts off the original geometry curves, etc.

After you are happy with your surface topology, the second step is to go into Create Blocking => 2D to 3D and choose the (MultiZone) "Fill" option. There are several options for this tool, "Advanced" acts a lot like the Gambit Cooper Tool. For aircraft, I suggest the "Simple" option. This starts with the surface blocking and uses OGrid and sweep to create the boundary blocks (based on Prism Params or interactive part selection), and then fills the remaining space with an unstructured Fill (such as Tetra).

You can change the type of Tetra Fill or other block or face methods using Edit Blocking => Change Type.

Best regards,


zkdkeen March 26, 2010 05:21

thanks :)
Wow! again, thanks for your patience reply, simon!
I got the main ideas.
btw: could you please tell me where i can download your live demos? if possible, i mean. That will help on details.


PSYMN March 26, 2010 14:51

Actually Live...
Nope, I actually did those live... I mean in-front of people at conferences, etc. They were not recorded.

One of these days I will record it and put it up on as well as

Best regards,


zkdkeen March 31, 2010 00:47

Got it!
Thanks for your reply!

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