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Mk1987 March 26, 2010 14:09

Two Sided wall Problem
Hello everyone, Im currently working on a 2d axisymmetric Rotor/Stator investigation within fluent, Ive not been formally taught CFD and am having trouble modelling a solution.

Im using Ansys Workbench v12 Fluent for my analysis, and have a Cavity between a rotor and stator, the rotor is said to rotate at a certain rpm with the fluid applying a moment onto the rotor, this produces a power onto the fluid and it heats up. Suitable Inlets and outlets are setup allowing the model to reach energy equilibrium.

The next stage is modelling a solid rotor of given dimensions. Ive setup a energy outlet in the form of a constant temperature at the far side of the rotor.

____ ____
|Fluid | |
| | |
| | |
| | |
| | |

The wall between the Fluid and Solid is said to be rotating at the given speed about the centre x axis. This heats up the fluid and solid and naturally their should be a heat transfer between the two. However Fluent appears to solve the solid temperature and fluid temperature independently despite my best efforts. After investigation, it appears i need to couple the walls, however fluent will not let me do this. I Believe it is due to the way my mesh is setup, the named selection Rotor Wall (the boundary line) is split into 'Rotor Wall-fluid' and Rotor Wall - Solid', their is no 'Rotor Wall - Shadow' and therefore the option to thermodynamically couple the walls is not available. Within the workbench mesh facilities ive tried to 'connect' the walls but it makes no difference. I believe its due to the way the meshing tool imports two seperate surfaces, therefore two edges exist for the fluid/solid wall, ive tried having a named selection for one edge and two edges, and it makes no difference. If anyone has an idea as to where I might solve my problem, that would be greatly appreciated.


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