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zhaohui April 1, 2010 12:45

ICEM --- question about repair geometry
Hello, I have a question about the repair geometry function in ICEM:

I draw a box with some spheres in it, some of them are hemi-spheres and the base of hemi-sphere touches the box wall.

Now if I use the repair geometry button, then it split the box wall in several parts and delete part of the wall!

Could someone help me out? Thanks!

PSYMN April 21, 2010 18:54

Build topology chops up surfaces based on the topo tolerance and the tri tolerance...

it may be that your Topo tolerance is too large or your Tri Tolerance is too coarse.

Of course, you can also change lots of other build topo settings such as "Part by Part" to prevent this trimming from even happening...

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