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chirath2003 April 9, 2010 04:41

ICEMCFD transformation function
Hi there,

I have a 120deg domain for a turbine blade and i have meshed it using part mesh with 5 BL near the surface of the blade (prisim) and the global cooordinates are in a such away as to Z being vertically upwards when u look at the screen and X being going in to the screen and Y going left when facing the screen but Z has some height on the model, i am trying to get the model translated by +Z distance from the origin. Now, i can do it no problem but ICEM still remembers the original coordinates coz when i load it on the CFXpre and make 2 copies and rotate it by 120 each (to make the 3 blades) it rotates it about the previous coordinates so the end result is 2 additional blades rotated by -Z (original coordinates). I first tried deletingthe mesh and translating the geometry and re meshing it, but nothing works..have u had similar problems?? or is there any thoughts?? and also i tried translating the mesh as joy...hope u can help me..


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